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About Us

The construction industry in Canada is slowly adapting to 21st century technology and a select group of builders like us have been rethinking their base concepts for years. Our children’s’ future and the future of our planet depends on what we do now. Our goal is to show as many people as we can what we can easily and economically do without sacrificing their life styles. Many builders are only recently realizing that thinking green is the way of the future and have added green options in their normal specifications without any serious investments into it. At Evergreen, we have been living it for 20 years and our passion for the environment and healthy living is our driving force. We firmly believe that this fact sets us apart from growing competitors that have simply added a few green marketing statements and or products to their approaches in order to try to reach this growing market. To properly guide people through the myriad choices that can be made, personal experience and twenty years of acquired knowledge and generated passion is all the marketing we need.